Long Lake/Williwaw Lakes

For weeks, I harassed my boyfriend, Dustin to hike the Long Lake/Williwaw Lakes loop. As you will learn, Dustin is nearly always my outdoor partner. Usually, we spend the week debating over the best place to go. I choose one place and Dustin counters with a fishing trip. This weekend, I finally got my pick. Something about the loop caught my eye and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.Perhaps, the close proximity to Anchorage-in fact, the trailed head begins and ends within Anchorage-or the promise of solitude. In any case, after a late start and last minute packing, we headed out to the Basher trail head. The first part of the trek to Long Lake is rarely travelled due to the route finding necessary to find Long Lake. I’m proud to say we made it there without much trouble-albiet with some bickering and several downpours. Upon making it, we had little time to celebrate before rain hurried us into our tent. We ate a quick dinner of summer sausage, cheddar cheese and sesame crackers before contemplating the strength of our REI Arete tent. I briefly checked the weather report before we left and found that we should expect winds around 4 mph and some rain. Unfortunately, I did not take into consideration that deep in the North Creek Valley, the winds blow a lot stronger. When we were not worrying about the tent flying into the lake, we alternated obsessing over the presence of bears. To calm these worries, I read Miracle in the Andes and Dustin read A Long Trek Home. By morning, we were alive, but found the rain to be persistent. It died down around 8:30 and we started off, initially to take on the Williwaw trail. After much dispute, we decided to tackle Little O’Malley, a steep scree covered mountain that would lead us to the Glen Alps trail head and Moose’s Tooth. Needless to say, I balked on our decision several times before I found myself trudging up the mountain, praying I didn’t topple backwards. Two hours later, we plopped into bar stools to enjoy a cold beer-in my case, hard apple ale.

King of the Hill Our route Grumps face IMG_1493

Long Lake
After a steep climb up the Dome, wishful longing at nearby peaks, traversing for what seemed like hours and a long hike through the North Creek Valley…We finally made it!
Dustin peeking out the window to see if bears had surrounded the tent. No bears...just rain
Dustin peeking out the window to see if bears had surrounded the tent. No bears…just rain


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