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One's surrounding play a huge part in shaping personal hobbies, values and aspirations. Living in various quiet cities across Alaska, while spending summers in New York City ultimately shaped me. The beauty and solitude of Alaska makes it easy to fall in love with the outdoors. I frequently spend weekends backpacking or hiking. On hectic, stressful days, spending just a few moments outdoors-breathing in fresh air in complete silence-completely invigorates me. Solitude, for me, is one of the best aspects of living in Alaska. While, New York City is anything but calm, I find the diversity and vibrancy just as appealing. I remember sometimes feeling overwhelmed by all the action. Now, I appreciate the variety of books, music, art, food that converge when millions of people reside together. Alaska also contains undeniable diversity-from Native Alaskans and all the others who now inhabit the area-, but in some ways the value of that gift are just now being realized. I hope to explore the effect of my early influences on my current self. Basically I want to write about the things I love to figure out what makes me the person I am.

Two Hikers and a Dog versus Nuri at Crescent Saddle Cabin

As much as I love the adventure and independence associated with tent camping, after a few weekends of frozen boots and lost battles against condensation, a toasty cabin sounded inviting. I perused through lists of public use cabins to find two available, semi-close cabins- the Crescent Saddle cabin and Crescent Lake cabin. Obvious choice. This past summer, Dustin, our friend Meghan and I visited Crescent Lake cabin, besides, after mile 2, winter travel is highly discouraged. To really drive the point home, the road leading to the trail head remains unplowed. Crescent Lake cabin was out. Continue reading Two Hikers and a Dog versus Nuri at Crescent Saddle Cabin


Rabbit Lakes

Just a few pictures from the first winter- or is it fall?-hike. Dustin and hiked an easy five miles to Rabbit Lakes in early October. I’m posting a bit out of order, but I want to get in the habit of writing about our amazing trips. I may add more later. Continue reading Rabbit Lakes

Revisited Eagle Lake

We revisited Eagle Lake a few weekends ago. Just a few months later, the trip was a completely different experience. The warmth of July drew packs of people to the Lakes. I remember at least five tents. Dustin, Logan and I battled through alder bushes to enjoy an incomparable view, above everyone else. At the time, I was full of complaints, especially after I realized the alder bushes left me with numerous scratches. The forest fire induced haze made for a beautiful sunset, which we enjoyed in quiet. Our difficult traverse was well worth the trouble. Continue reading Revisited Eagle Lake

Long Lake/Williwaw Lakes

For weeks, I harassed my boyfriend, Dustin to hike the Long Lake/Williwaw Lakes loop. As you will learn, Dustin is nearly always my outdoor partner. Usually, we spend the week debating over the best place to go. I choose one place and Dustin counters with a fishing trip. This weekend, I finally got my pick. Something about the loop caught my eye and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Continue reading Long Lake/Williwaw Lakes

Introducing Me

I mulled starting a blog for a long time. Anytime I seriously considered taking the leap, I then questioned my ability to put together cohesive thoughts, let alone interesting ones. Ultimately, I put off opening up to the online world until I had less homework, more leisure time, etc. My reasons exceeded no bounds. Until now, I consistently found myself preoccupied as a full time student and employee. I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a BA. Completing my degree was my main consideration for the last five and a half years, including a long break year. Since graduation, I found myself relishing the weekend’s adventures and dreading the long week at my 9-5.  I have time time for everything…Netflix, baking, Facebook.Putting together a simple blog should fit my leisurely schedule. I realized that time was not necessarily an issue. Even in an enterprise so basic, I expected a stellar product. Words and thoughts that wowed. Who was I kidding? I am a regular person writing ordinary things who will reach out to probably a dozen people max. Disclaimer: If you don’t want to read about the little things this blog might bore you. Granted, I will try my hand at bigger topics, but for the most part this blog will serve as my place to rant about work, glorify my favorite poets and authors, and brag about my latest weekend jaunt.