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Introducing Me

I mulled starting a blog for a long time. Anytime I seriously considered taking the leap, I then questioned my ability to put together cohesive thoughts, let alone interesting ones. Ultimately, I put off opening up to the online world until I had less homework, more leisure time, etc. My reasons exceeded no bounds. Until now, I consistently found myself preoccupied as a full time student and employee. I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a BA. Completing my degree was my main consideration for the last five and a half years, including a long break year. Since graduation, I found myself relishing the weekend’s adventures and dreading the long week at my 9-5.  I have time time for everything…Netflix, baking, Facebook.Putting together a simple blog should fit my leisurely schedule. I realized that time was not necessarily an issue. Even in an enterprise so basic, I expected a stellar product. Words and thoughts that wowed. Who was I kidding? I am a regular person writing ordinary things who will reach out to probably a dozen people max. Disclaimer: If you don’t want to read about the little things this blog might bore you. Granted, I will try my hand at bigger topics, but for the most part this blog will serve as my place to rant about work, glorify my favorite poets and authors, and brag about my latest weekend jaunt.