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Two Hikers and a Dog versus Nuri at Crescent Saddle Cabin

As much as I love the adventure and independence associated with tent camping, after a few weekends of frozen boots and lost battles against condensation, a toasty cabin sounded inviting. I perused through lists of public use cabins to find two available, semi-close cabins- the Crescent Saddle cabin and Crescent Lake cabin. Obvious choice. This past summer, Dustin, our friend Meghan and I visited Crescent Lake cabin, besides, after mile 2, winter travel is highly discouraged. To really drive the point home, the road leading to the trail head remains unplowed. Crescent Lake cabin was out. Continue reading Two Hikers and a Dog versus Nuri at Crescent Saddle Cabin


Rabbit Lakes

Just a few pictures from the first winter- or is it fall?-hike. Dustin and hiked an easy five miles to Rabbit Lakes in early October. I’m posting a bit out of order, but I want to get in the habit of writing about our amazing trips. I may add more later. Continue reading Rabbit Lakes

Revisited Eagle Lake

We revisited Eagle Lake a few weekends ago. Just a few months later, the trip was a completely different experience. The warmth of July drew packs of people to the Lakes. I remember at least five tents. Dustin, Logan and I battled through alder bushes to enjoy an incomparable view, above everyone else. At the time, I was full of complaints, especially after I realized the alder bushes left me with numerous scratches. The forest fire induced haze made for a beautiful sunset, which we enjoyed in quiet. Our difficult traverse was well worth the trouble. Continue reading Revisited Eagle Lake