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Rabbit Lakes

Just a few pictures from the first winter- or is it fall?-hike. Dustin and hiked an easy five miles to Rabbit Lakes in early October. I’m posting a bit out of order, but I want to get in the habit of writing about our amazing trips. I may add more later. Continue reading Rabbit Lakes


Revisited Eagle Lake

We revisited Eagle Lake a few weekends ago. Just a few months later, the trip was a completely different experience. The warmth of July drew packs of people to the Lakes. I remember at least five tents. Dustin, Logan and I battled through alder bushes to enjoy an incomparable view, above everyone else. At the time, I was full of complaints, especially after I realized the alder bushes left me with numerous scratches. The forest fire induced haze made for a beautiful sunset, which we enjoyed in quiet. Our difficult traverse was well worth the trouble. Continue reading Revisited Eagle Lake

Long Lake/Williwaw Lakes

For weeks, I harassed my boyfriend, Dustin to hike the Long Lake/Williwaw Lakes loop. As you will learn, Dustin is nearly always my outdoor partner. Usually, we spend the week debating over the best place to go. I choose one place and Dustin counters with a fishing trip. This weekend, I finally got my pick. Something about the loop caught my eye and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Continue reading Long Lake/Williwaw Lakes